Transcend is about swimming further, passed the ledge where the earth seems to plummet into darkness.

Feel the resistance and tingling in the belly, but keep going anyway.

Close your eyes and sink in silence towards the bottom.

Sense the mild force of the current slowly pulling you forward to where you are ment to go, without knowing which direction it's taking you.

Waking up in a different world, feeling whole again.



Transcend is an ongoing art-project with a poetic view on being a human, society today and last but not least myself and my feelings about the world.

I work with nature, objects and people under water to create a world that tell stories about ideas and thoughts, both conscious and subconscious.

I have always had a strong attraction to the ocean. It feels exiting and alluring, yet frightening and majestic at the same time. If you take a deep breath and let the water embrace you fully, you can float weightlessly around in a different world for a few moments. Just like in a dream.