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My project "Jungle Concrete" will be showcased at gallery VESS in Copenhagen as part of the joint exhibition "KØBERHAVNERRUM", on behalf of the culture magazine Vink. 

Grand opening Friday 4/3 at 17:00. Welcome!

About my project:

We often refer to the city as the concrete jungle. Even amidst all this stone and pavement, nature still exist. Man made nature. Many of the people in the city have never seen trees in a natural environment. Just the city jungle. Like wild sculptures of green, nature thrives even here, in the most hostile of environments. Cleaning the air, sheltering us from weather, home to all the birds and as a reminder that the wild is still out there if you want to experience it. Reminding us that we are all a part of nature. That the sap running trough the tree trunk is just as important as the blood running through our veins. This is why we need the scattered jungle of the concrete city.